Live Show Announcement! The one about hookups!

Because sex is funny
and comedy is sexy
This month: Hook Ups

What makes for a great hook up? How can we make them hotter? Let’s take our best hook up stories and get together for one hot night together.

As always 4-Play! is hosted by Jacq Jones (from SugarBaltimore) and Prescott Gaylord (from the Baltimore Improv Group).

Guest comedian is Erika Ettin
Who is the mysterious Erika Ettin? She is a business owner, a storyteller, a singer, and a lover of the color pink. She knew her career in finance was over when, after working as an economist for seven years, a co-worker asked, “Why are you even still here?” When she asked what he thought she should be doing instead, he replied, “I don’t know… stand up comedy?” Since then, Erika quit her job to open a business helping people find love online.

Our guest expert will be the amazing and only Twanna Angela Hines!
Radio personality, sex educator, and hugely popular blogger Funky Brown Chick will be on hand to delight us all.

Check out her wonderful blog at





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