First 4-Play Review – Wonderland White Wabbit C-Ring


This is going to be a little less like a review and a little more like a cross between an experiment and self discovery, since it is the first cock ring I have every tried.  I started the experiment thinking that maybe there were cock-ring people and not-cock-ring people, but I kept an open mind, grabbed an open bottle of lube, took my pants off,  and saddled up.  Like many things, I think the key here is that there are many fine uses for this thing, and it gets better with practice.

OK – first thing I really appreciate is that Wonderland does a good job of presentation.  The box is just, well nice, kind of cute and well designed visually.


I did not try this with a partner, and thank god because I started out like a high school kid trying to open their first bra with clasps in the front.  The first time I tried – I basically failed.  I could not get the damn thing on.  I watched some YouTube videos to get some guidance and gave up; had to go back to Sugar for some personal guidance, because I was trying to get the thing over my erect penis and scrotum all at once, and it was not happening.    Here was the problem: some cock rings are intended to be put at the bottom of the shaft.  I could do that with this device – but it was loose.   The White Wabbit (WW) is not intended for this.  It went on fine, but served no purpose as it hung loosely around my shaft base.  Other rings (like this one) are intended to be put on under the scrotum – which, in my experience, cannot be done erect.  Trust me – I tried and tried. What was I doing wrong?

Sugar did not think this was nearly as funny as I did when I explained Ever professional, they told me I was going to have to don the WW while flaccid then get sprung.  My trusty YouTube helpers had been talking about the other kind of ring.  This thing is supposed to work like this:


So, I felt like an idiot for a while – but saddled back up, while starting to wonder: why does one wear a cock ring anyway?

What I was told by friends, toy store professionals, and the internet:

  1. Some people have longer orgasms with one of these on (I’m in, let’s do it)
  2. It can make an erection last longer (I didn’t really see how, but I was game to try).  Apparently blood goes in through the middle and out along the surface.  My experiment bore this out, by the way.
  3. The WW has an awesome vibrator inserted into the base that can vibrate a clitoris during penetration, or just generally vibrate. (I’m in, let’s do it)
  4. Some people also like the presentation.  (Maybe this is an acquired visual taste.  It looked to me like I was wearing a charm bracelet on my member with an adorable bunny charm.)

What I learned after several attempts, and several successful uses (all by myself):

  1. I did not have a longer orgasm per se, but I did have longer ejaculation. (Yeah – similar.  Plenty is written about the distinction elsewhere, and while I don’t usually notice a difference between the two, the WW made it clear that orgasm and ejaculation can be very distinct.)
  2. Indeed – my erection stayed after my ejaculation.  (Hey, sorry about saying ‘ejaculation’ so many times – but there was indeed an ejaculation, so you are going to have to get used to the word –ejaculation).  I don’t know exactly the duration of the post-ejaculation erection – but quite a while.  I do believe I could have made use of it with a partner if said partner wanted me to make use of it.  The thing was, I didn’t personally feel like I wanted to make use of it myself, so I ceased operation. And kind of wanted to take the Wonderland Wabbit off my wonderland bio-bits.
  3. The vibrator on the ring feels just amazing. I will bring in the clitoris brigade at some point to test how it works as a back-flow preventer and clit stimulator at the same time, but for now let me say that the thing cupped my bio-bits and vibrated. Yes, please.

-imagine time passing-

OK – I was informed today that if you turn the Wonderland Wabbit around, you could stimulate your anus during use.  I have no idea why I didn’t think of this myself in the first place.  Remembering puberty, I think I could MacGyver something pleasurable out of anything in my room, but here was a use staring me right in the butt and I missed it.


Well – I tried it.  Of course I did.

It definitely is pleasurable.  The Wonderland does not weach far enough for wimming me wiv the wabbit ears – but it feels good just the same on my perineum.


Product manufacturer is here

I got mine in Baltimore from Sugar

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