The One about firsts – Wednesday, January 20th at 7:30 at Creative Alliance


Our next show is all lined up – and we could not be more excited.


First times!  Do you remember your first kiss?  Do you remember your first time in a sex toy store?  Do you remember your first time seeing a live person naked?

We have so many first times – and the 4-Play! crew is celebrating by talking all about them.  We’ll have our normal “person on the street” videos to share, as well as answering your questions.

Joining Prescott and Jacq this month are:

John Bennett is the host of the long running monthly Baltimore film series Mondo Baltimore and Expert of Nothing, an original local comedy game show. He’s also a performer for the “Horatio Dark: Between the Lines Live Radio Show”.



and Stefani Levin

4-Play! is going totally professional with guest panelist Stefani Levin.

Master sex educator, therapist, and puppet-maker; Stefani will deliver all the knowledge on us – and help us through our tumultuous and wonderful first times.

The therapist is in!