What is 4-Play! about?

4PlayPromo-140-Edited…because sex is funny!

4-Play! is a live panel show in Baltimore featuring 2 comedians + 2 sexperts, focusing on different topics related to sex and sexuality. Join Prescott Gaylord (improvisor with the Baltimore Improv Group) and Jacq Jones (owner of local sex toy shop Sugar), along with featured guests, as they converse on thingsĀ ranging fromĀ butt toys and blow jobs to gender identity and the rights of sex workers in the industry. Expect to hear useful educational advice, alongside accounts from personal storytellers, comedy skits, and an audience Q&A session – all in a welcoming atmosphere of sex positivity.

Everyone is welcome, regardless of experience level! You’ll have a chance to ask any questions you may have (anonymously, we’ll keep your secrets!), which will be answered (with varying degrees of practicality) by Baltimore’s funniest expert panel.

Check us out on Facebook and Twitter to find out more about the show and specific events; check back here for details on upcoming shows.

Also, check out our podcast to hear past live shows, as well as a few bonus “quickie” topics discussed in between our live shows. (Available on iTunes and Soundcloud.)